Where can I buy a ticket?
You can purchase tickets online here. You can also buy one at the door.
How much does a ticket cost?
Early Bird tickets are $10 each until Oct 5., after that they'll be $15, and $20 at the door.
What is the dress code?
Islamic dress-code is in effect.
Where is the conference being held?
This year the conference will be held at 22 Hobson Ave., Toronto, ON M4A 1E6.
Will there be a silent auction this year?
Where does the money raised go to?
All money raised from the event will go towards funding projects that will provide a sustainable solution to those who do not have access to clean water.
Will you be posting an itinerary?
Yes, we will be posting a detailed itinerary a week before the conference.
Will there be merchandise I can buy at the event?
Naynawah hoodies will be available for $25. All proceeds will be going towards raising funds for the well.